This list is neither exclusive nor conclusive. Rather, it is merely a starting point to hopefully inspire us to reevaluate how much we keep in our kitchen. Be honest with our situation and only keep the tools we are using. We can purchase from kitchenware stores in Singapore.

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 Kitchen tools we do not own

Kitchen aid mixer

Not owning this guy is pure heresy in the food blog world, but we survive just fine.


It is big, it is bulky, and we probably only use it once a year. Replacement: Varies by dish, but usually a large pot will suffice. If we really need one, borrow it from a friend.

Knife block

These can be more bulky than necessary. Replacement: Keep our knives in the silverware drawer.

Excessive pots and pans

We simplified down to 3 pots and 3 pans. Replacement: Clean cabinets.

 More than 8 plates, glasses, and bowls

We love to host. Rarely do we have more than 8 guests, but even when we do, we still have options. Replacement: Use specialty disposable plate ware.

Extra coffee/tea mugs

Again, we decided we rarely ever need more than 8, and we do not even have that many. Plus, these can double as glasses if we have more than 8 guests!

Bread Maker

Bread recipes that do not require a maker such as our 7-ingredient Muesli Bread!

Toaster oven

If we do not regularly use this, then it is just eating up space. Replacement: Regular toaster or a traditional oven.

A wok

Although a fun device, it is rarely used. Replacement: The largest pan we own.

 A Juicer

Bulky and tough to clean. Replacement: If we love to juice, we can juice without a juicer.

 Espresso machine

First, we probably do not use this as much as we thought we would. Second, to get a really good espresso we usually need very high-quality equipment and the time to adjust our grind/machinery to get that perfect shot. This simply is not practical for the average coffee lover. Replacement: Sell the espresso machine and go to a coffee shop when we want good espresso.

Grilled cheese maker

We do not need this. Replacement: Almost any pan.

Rice maker

Only keep this if we regularly make a lot of rice. Replacement: Prepare rice in a traditional pot.

Doughnut pan

When is the last time we made doughnuts? Exactly Replacement: Go buy doughnuts when we want them, or try a pan-free version.

Quesadilla maker/ Panini press

Ah! Replacement: We can get the same effect by using a skillet, tin foil, and pressing down on a pan on top.

Egg scrambler/milk frother/other trinkets

Be honest, we do not really use these things. And they are only taking up space. Replacement: Just a little creativity. To read more about Japanese kitchenware in Singapore click here.


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We hired a domestic helper in Singapore to make our life a little easier and our home a better place to live, but what happens when the maid we hired is not meeting our expectations? It can be awkward to fire them, especially if they have worked for us for a long time and have displayed good workmanship in the past, but no longer do.

Here are the peak 4 signs that it is time to change our maid.

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Our maid is always late

If our maid has a schedule that we both agreed on and is chronically late, it may be time to switch maids. The maid may have legitimately good excuses for being late, like they could not find a baby sitter for their child or traffic was really bad on the way over. Though these excuses may be true, we hired her to be on time. If the maid late almost every day, It is perfectly acceptable then for us to change maids.

 Our maid does not follow instructions

Not being able to take direction from those in authority is a major fault in work ethic and cause for dismissal. Sadly, stubbornness and forgetfulness are common character weaknesses and a maid with these qualities could be detrimental to our home life. If we have plants that need to be lightly watered twice a day, but the maid fees she get away with giving them a high concentration of water once a day, it could kill our plants. If we ask our maid to do something a certain way and she ignores us or repeatedly forgets to do it when we ask, that is major problem. If we ask her to rinse the dishes before loading them in the dishwasher and she does not do it because she thinks the dishes will get clean in the wash, that is unacceptable (even if the dishes do come out clean). If our maid repeatedly defies ours instructions, it is time for change.

 Our maid does not respect our property

Accidents happen to all of us, but repeated mishaps and discourtesy is inexcusable. If our maid is frequently breaking dishes, knocking items on the floor while dusting, or tracking in dirt from outside, this could be aggravating and expensive to remedy. If this is happening in our home, it may be time to look for another maid who is more careful and responsible.

 Our maid is inefficient

If it takes the maid longer than the time it takes her to complete simple tasks that are untenable. Think about it, we are not a professional cleaner, they are. They should be able to do the chores we do in the same amount of time or faster. The only exception is if they are going above and beyond how we would typically clean our home. An example we ordinarily clean our floors by sweeping and mopping, but the maid might sweep, mop, and do grout cleaning. That reasonably may take longer to complete, but if the maid is just slow that may be cause for reprimand or dismissal. If she is unable to complete tasks effectively, that is also a big problem. If we still see dust in the corners even after she wipes down the shelves, bring it to her attention. If it is a repeated offense, get a maid to replace her. To read more about inter great maid agency click here.


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Renovation (also known as remodelling) is the system of enhancing a broken, broken, or previous shape. Renovations are commonly either business or residential. Additionally, protection can talk over with making something new or bringing something again to the existence and can follow in social contexts.

The renovation technique can usually be broken down into several methods:

  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Structural repair
  • Rebuilding
  • Finishes

Technology has had a meaningful impact on the preservation technique, growing the importance and electricity of the planning stage. The availability of loose online layout gear has advanced visualization of the changes, at a fragment of the cost of hiring a professional interior clothier. The decision concerning changes is likewise prompted by means of the reason of renovation. In the case of a repair and turn objective, an ROI (go back on investment) can result from adjustments to restore a structural difficulty or layout float yielded to use light and colour to make rooms appear greater spacious. Forest certification verifies that wood products have been sourced from nicely-managed forests. Most certification programs provide online search options in order that customers can find licensed products

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Most builders focus on building new homes, so Interior design in Singapore is typically a component-time activity for such tradespeople. The tactics and services required for renovations are pretty unique and, once plans are signed off, building a new home is notably predictable. Renovations generally require all the sub-trades which are wished for the development of a new constructing. During protection projects, flexibility is regularly required from preservation groups to reply to unexpected troubles that stand up. Projects concerning renovation require now not simply flexibility, but a plan that was agreed upon via more than one event. The making plans process will involve comments from economic traders of the undertaking, and from the fashion designer. Part of making plans will even entail the gathering of information for the completion of the undertaking after which the venture plan can be revised and given consent before continuing with renovations.

Should You Engage a Contractor or Interior Designer?

The Residential Interior Designer is a person who coordinates and manages your Home Renovation. He or she is capable of imparting format mind (3-D drawings) from issues like Star Wars primarily based on your personal necessities. A Contractor is a person who is capable of executing the whole thing from ideation, the layout of renovation works.


Contractors usually most effectively execute the protection work asked via the owners. Depending on the requirements, there is probably a need for contractors to lease out of doors subcontractors to perform some of the works. Sub-contractors undertake paintings that a contractor can’t do however is responsible for. Their artwork is typically on a challenge-based agreement. E.g. A contractor may additionally hire a subcontractor (electrician) to complete the electric wiring task on his behalf. Interior designers assist shoulder your heavy load whilst contractors undergo the mild load that you assign to them. Here are some of the finding of factors that will help you make a choice in selecting among indoors dressmaker and contractor.


Most of the maintenance choices are primarily based on the price range you have got set aside. The key distinction amongst an indoors clothier and contractor is the pricing. Interior designers will typically provide floor plans and 3-D drawings for his or her clients. They will take some time to understand the homeowner’s manner of lifestyles earlier than offering a layout plan. The extra charge which you pay indoors designers goes into making plans and coping with your maintenance task. It moreover consists of the effort and time that is going into the liaison with you and your companion. Contractors will no longer give the above stated and will act upon your particular commands. Our idea is that you should engage one if you are walking in the direction of a decent free range or if you have a completely clear idea of the way you need your private home to seem like.





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Our day is packed. It is tough enough to find time to do the important stuff in our life like spending time with our family and loved ones, let alone all the chores. Therefore hire maid in Singapore service can be a smart choice.

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Some issues we need to consider:

Bonding: Should a theft occur, we need to know that we are protected. Is the maid service bonded for its house cleaning clientele? Many maid service companies are not bonded at all and some of them are only bonded to protect themselves – not us.

Insurance: If a maid should, unfortunately, slip and fall while cleaning our shower, our homeowner’s policy might not cover the incident. The maid service must have liability and employee accident coverage and this must include our home, the maids and the company. Make sure they are properly insured.

References:  How many years has the company been in business? Remember to ask for references and a work history. Some key questions to ask when calling for references are:

How long have we used the maid service?

Have we had any complaints? How did the maid service handle this?

Are they enthusiastically recommending the maid service?

We definitely need to make sure the maid service is reliable and this is a good way of doing it.

Employee hiring and screening: Does the maid service check employee references? Are employees criminal backgrounds checked? Is their residence status confirmed?

Do they use all their own employees or do they use subcontractors? A maid service that uses subcontractors usually does not provide staff training and very often they will not provide liability insurance.

Cleaning products: Many independent housekeepers as well as maid service companies expect us to supply all cleaning products. If they do include house cleaning products, ask what type of products will be used and whether they contain harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach. We need to ensure that the products are safe for kids and pets.

It is important to understand what products are being used in our home and if they really are environmentally friendly.

We know that some companies are using products that have some of the chemical ingredients watered down in order to be “green” certified.  However, this can also reduce the effectiveness and performance of the product.

Other environmentally safe products contain bio-based ingredients that contain natural bacteria and enzymes, which are non-pathogenetic environmental isolates that imitate the way nature naturally cleans itself. These natural substances can be used in hard surface cleaners and degreasers to create a safe, effective cleaning solution.

Equipment: Inferior equipment does not get our home clean. If the maid service is supplying the equipment the effectiveness of the filtration system and the efficiency of the system are important.

Satisfaction: Our satisfaction is our primary concern and is something that we measure on an on-going basis. Ask what procedure is used to measure customer satisfaction.

Quality assurance: Our satisfaction is important but it should not be our job to do the quality assurance. Many maids’ services will only react when they get complaints. Ask if the maid service has a manager that inspects cleans to be sure the quality of service is upheld.

Guarantee: Have we noticed that many companies use the guarantee only as a marketing tool? When it comes time for them to actually honor the guarantee the suddenly become very scarce.

Understand what the guarantee is and what we have to do if we should ever need to invoke the guarantee. For more details about top maid agency in Singapore click here.


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